Maggie—Lead Stylist and Colorist

Hair stylist for curly hair and blonde hair colorist NYC


Maggie loves cutting curly hair and playing around with all kinds of hair colors, from edgy, chic blondes to rich reds and brunettes. Maggie believes that hair is a huge part of a person’s identity, a defining characteristic by which other people remember them.

That being said, Maggie’s favorite part of doing hair is making other people laugh and have a good time. Once she knows she and her client speak the same language, the hair will turn out fabulously.

Comfortability and creative collaboration are paramount in her transactions with her clients. The same can be said of her projects as a musician, specifically, and an artist in general. Maggie emerges through the art-punk feminist culture that is ever-present and just below the surface, always, in New York City.

Haircuts that require a lot of texturizing and bulk removal are right up Maggie’s alley, along with big curly hair. She believes those cuts and colors should last and grow out with integrity, looking great at all stages between visits to the salon. Maggie also can be found under the Google search for best hair tinsel NYC.

If it’s radical to think people should be able to express themselves however THEY want without fear, then I guess that’s something that makes me radical.”

Maggie graduated from Arrojo Beauty School with a top-notch education in both hair cutting and hair coloring. At Arrojo, she learned impulse control, focusing on the methodology and discipline it would take to be a well-regarded stylist in New York City. Once in Seagull Hair Salon’s advanced education program, she learned exactly the precise moments when it was time to unleash her creative intuition. It’s a rare duality to find in a stylist; the knowledge of form and function with the confidence to deconstruct and take calculated risks. Maggie’s got it. Come and see for yourself.


Haircut-First Time/Transformation (Blow-Dry Included)


Single-Process Color


Partial Highlights/HairPainting/Balayage/Ombre


Full Highlights/HairPainting/Balayage/Ombre

$210 and up

Double-Process Color

$185 and up

Double-Process Touch-up


Blow Out


Hair Tinsel

Price On Consultation

Creative Color/Custom Blondes/Silver

$30 and up

Olaplex Reconstructive/Reparative service add-on to any Haircut, Blow Dry or color services

*First time Creative Color by consultation

*An add-on blow-dry charge of $30 applies to all color services booked without a haircut.