Best Curly Haircuts And All Kinds Of Blondes

Best Curly Haircuts And All Kinds Of Blondes


When hand-chosen by Seagull Alumni to join our team, we had no idea what a treat we were in for! Katie is emerging as a preeminent authority on curly hair and all things blond.

Katie’s dedication to her continuing education is unparalleled. A certified Wella Color Line Educator, Katie’s rapid-fire approach to advanced education is quickly landing her the illustrious title of lead educator for our upcoming new talent. Training alongside some of the most coveted colorists in the country, she’s surpassed what most stylists and colorists will learn in a lifetime.

A natural rule breaker within reason, Katie grew up in Westchester County by way of Kentucky—her birthplace—where she lived for six years before heading back to the city to finish school. For Katie, the vast bluegrass pastures peppered in equine sensibilities collided—unpredictably—with conventions of the high and low cultures of New York City.

As well as a fantastic hairdoer across all platforms, Katie is one of our in-house educators. Wella certified, Katie is well-versed in everything coloring AND cutting. She has a uniquely descriptive way of communicating. Everyone who visits her chair knows what they’re getting and how to discuss it.

Katie’s cutting and coloring techniques are infused with shots of precision based on her background as an Autocad architectural designer. Sharp lines and geometric shapes juxtaposed with soft layers come to mind naturally for Katie; they inform shapes and guide specific styles to manifest IRL on real people. How lucky for us!

Katie is one of four NYC stylists chosen for Dove—Love Your Silver Hair Specialists. Read more HERE.

Here in this cultural crux is where Katie would find her opulence. Almost-effervescent blow dries comprised of highly compositional hair colors derive a unique look that both drives in and draws out the very best of each visitor’s personal style vision. 

Refinement of tones in blonde colors and the polish of a new cut are the provenances of luxury that Katie believes each client deserves. 


Haircut (Blow-Dry Included)


Single-Process Color


Blow Out


Partial Highlights/HairPainting/Balayage/Ombre


Full Highlights/HairPainting/Balayage/Ombre


Double-Process Color


Double-Process Touch Up

*First-time Creative Color by consultation

*An add-on blow-dry charge of $35 applies to all color services booked without a haircut.