Junior stylist for Seagull Hair Salon Downtown NYC


Seagull hair colorist, Humberto, is the talented protégé of our creative-color specialist Jeanise, and the first graduate of our assistant program! If you are a regular at the salon, you may already know Humberto from his training time with us as an assistant—his magical head massages at the shampoo bowl and his flawless blow-dry finishing work. Now, as a junior colorist, he offers a full range of color services at a lower price point. He specializes in all kinds of highlights—both foils and balayage—as well as creative colors, platinums, brunettes, and redheads. Humberto has absorbed all of our colorists’ advanced tricks and is the obvious choice for a discerning client on a budget.

Growing up in Santiago, in the Dominican Republic, as well as Rhode Island and New York City, Humberto developed a strong appreciation for vivid colors and imaginative styles. He has both a pragmatic approach to hair color and a keen ear for picking up on client desires, qualities which set him apart from other young colorists in the city.  Originally a fashion student, his love for glamor and pageantry (in the grand tradition of Jennifer Lopez) led him to learn the ins and outs of creating total looks—including hair and makeup—that would become his trademark at fashion school. Ultimately, he abandoned sewing and pattern making to pursue a career in hair, enrolling in Empire Beauty School, the nation’s boot camp for budding stylists and colorists.

Humberto has perhaps the strongest intuition for color formulations that we’ve ever seen. His ability to create highly saturated, precise hues is amazing. And his finishing work is unmatched; his blowouts are exquisite and will last for days. Always happy to consult with you and toss around ideas for your customized color, Humberto is generous with his suggestions and listens closely, emphasizing the collaborative exchange of the Seagull ethos.




Single Process Color


Double Process Color


Double Process Color Touch-up


Partial Highlights


Full Highlights


Creative Color


Balayage Highlights




Olaplex, Plarmia or Milbon Treatments