@NaomiWolf on Blonde Hair and Feminism: I Dyed My Hair Blonde and It Completely Changed My Life @Cosmopolitan

November 5, 2015 4:52 am Published by

I mean first off. FAG OUT. We get to say that Naomi Wolf, journalist, political advisor and author of The Beauty Myth(basically the feminist beauty bible) gets her hair done at Seagull. Our salon! Right here in this town. Wolf is largely credited as the spokeswoman for the third wave feminism on which Seagull Salon’s foundations were built.



“Then I found a feminist hair salon. Seagull, in Manhattan, was recommended to me by a Millennial friend with one of those cool haircuts that suggest that you know how to code (she does). She explained that Seagull is co-owned by a Riot Grrrl … one of the iconic 1990s early Third Wave groups of pissed-off young women who embraced a revamped, livelier version of feminism just when the culture had said the movement was over and done.”


Now hitting the news stands Naomi Wolf’s amazing Cosmopolitan magazine article about Seagull, Sara, a changed life and the culture of blonde hair: What it was, was it isn’t and what it can and cannot be. I personally talk endlessly about the nuances of going blonde in the salon. Your life WILL change. And no one could have articulated it better than Wolf who is inarguably the best writer on beauty and feminism.

“The next time I went to Sarah, I asked to go lighter still. Change can be a little addictive, and before I knew it, I had become kind of … blonde. And I began to notice how the rigid code of what blonde and other hair colors used to signify had loosened. It was no longer overdetermined.”

Seagull’s Sarah Fenoglio is Naomi’s stylist and gets RAVE reviews in the article and together, her and Naomi dispel the myths of blonde hair and rebuild a new culture of radical beauty choices that are no longer necessarily based on the basic principle that “Blondes Have More Fun” even though, in some cases maybe they do It’s for sure worth reading the article.