Jenna—Junior Stylist and Colorist (she/her)

Seagull Stylist Jenna graduating from boutique education program


Graduating from Seagull’s own in-salon boutique education program, Jenna brings a big heart and generous Floridian, sunshine smile to the floor teaming up with our senior colorists and stylists. Though proficient in all styles and a multitude of haircutting techniques, Jenna specializes in short haircuts and short hair grooming. Jenna excels in creating and maintaining multi-dimensional colors from reds to blondes in addition to rich browns of all shades imaginable.

Jenna’s own mother is still a stylist as well and growing up around beauty was the main impetus for Jenna becoming a stylist herself!

An entrepreneur at heart, Jenna has a history of running businesses ranging from vegan food restaurants and dance companies while occupying chairs at a variety of non-profit organizations.

Loyal, dependable, and open-minded, Jenna feeds her inspiration from her natural surroundings. From the Red Rock canyons to the ever-evolving characteristics of New York City street culture, Jenna has a larger than life imagination and a thirst to infuse experience into style.

Mostly, she loves making people laugh and helps her clients feel genuinely cared for while pulling out perfect looks for them on the daily.

Animal rights and vegan activism in particular make Jenna a perfect fit for Seagull’s general vision of social justice and inclusivity. Seeking equity across all platforms, Jenna has no specific attachments to beauty as it pertains to race gender, or body type.

Her love for re-defining classic styles from the 1970s and 1980s and suffusing them into modern street-smart styles is evident in her thoroughly contemporary work.


Haircut (Blow-Dry Included)


Single-Process Color


Blow Out

$30 and up

Olaplex Reconstructive/Reparative service add-on to any Haircut, Blow Dry or color services


Hair Tinsel per half hour


Partial Highlights/HairPainting/Balayage/Ombre


Full Highlights/HairPainting/Balayage/Ombre


Double-Process Color


Double-Process Touch Up


Creative Color Finish

*First time Creative Color by consultation

*An add-on blow-dry charge of $30 applies to all color services booked without a haircut.