Craig Hunter

Hair Salons in NYC open late 10013

Craig Hunter, managing editor and first in command at the front desk, brings effortless order to the Seagull Salon environment. With a background as an artist and assistant designer for cult NYC brand Take Off Your Clothes, Craig brings a special eye for architecture and structure that adds to the richness of his proximity to hair and how to document it. As a visual artist, Craig is provocative and witty with a notable obsession for the interaction of human forms. His work has been displayed in numerous group shows, some at Brooklyn’s freshest galleries, the most recent at Four Eleven Studio in Provincetown.

Craig is creator and author of the highly regarded and always intelligent CraigXHunter blog and his writing has appeared in numerous publications including XOJane. He is the most prolific writer for the Seagull Salon Blog with a diverse range of topics including, but not limited to high fashion, art, music and popular culture. With his direct and honest approach to the written word as well as his humorously dry delivery, Craig has carved out an enviable niche among the blogging elite on the WWW…

At Seagull, Craig will assure a smooth salon experience from the moment you book your appointment through your re-entry, transformed, to the Manhattan Streets.