Chansophalla hairstylist and colorist for Seagull Hair Salon Downtown, NYC


Chansophalla specializes in long-lasting balayage highlights with a lived-in feel. Haircuts with invisible layers (channel cutting) give texture and movement without removing length.

“Hair is magic: it can make or break your day”

A small beauty school in Portland Maine provided Chansophalla with intensive hands-on training for both coloring and cutting. Without the density of larger more corporate education programs, Chansophalla studied hair coloring and hair cutting techniques under the watchful eyes of highly regarded instructors.

Chansophalla views hair as not only as a flexible canvas but also as a versatile and resilient fabric. She is an artist that sees hair as beautiful in its natural state but simultaneously aware of the infinite possibilities for hair to accept shape and color.

Naturally curious, Chansophalla develops intimate relationships with her clients and loves learning about art, philosophy, and food through fun and thoughtful conversations with them.

She encourages her clients to do what they want rather than adhering to trend-driven standards of beauty.

Like many Seagull stylists, Chansophalla’s ethics are firmly rooted in punk ideologies elevated to channel both her best self and help draw out the greatest qualities in everyone she comes into contact with. A true empath.

California punk played a pivotal role in Chansophalla becoming who she is. The women in the music scene showed her that women had pure power. Chansophalla’s feminism was learned through personal experience and from the women who mentored her by way of demonstration rather than textbook academia.

Seagull was already on Chansophalla’s radar when Seagull’s beloved front desk person, Hooks encouraged her to come to check it out. She instantly fell in love with the bright, fun-loving and creative vibes she felt radiating from the other stylists and staff. At this moment, Chansophalla is exactly where she wants to be and as your stylist and colorist, you will feel it the second you are in her chair. Chansophalla is an extra luminous beacon of light in an environment that is all love and full of magic.





$160 and up

Up-Do/Special Event Styling


Double-Process Color


Double-Process Touch Up


Partial Highlights/Hair Painting/Balayage/Ombre


Full Highlights/Hair Painting/Balayage/Ombre


Single-Process Color

*Color Correction by consultation.

*An add-on blow-dry charge of $35 applies to all color services booked without a hair cut.