Kristin Sky Olsen

Kristin Sky Olsen hairstylist specializing in men's haircare for Seagull Salon Downtown, NYC

Seagull Stylist Kristin Sky Olsen specializes specifically in cutting and is proficient with all hair types. From choppy layered bobs to precision cuts with bangs/fringe, Kristin has a dedicated focus on the texture of her cuts to emphasize softness and movement, as well as being a perfectionist with men’s styling, clipper cuts and high-end barber skills.

Kristin’s haircuts are informed by the luxury of head-turning styles and the panache that radiates from them.  Preferring classic wearability to quickly changing trends Kristin always keeps one, well-trained eye on New York City’s hallmark looks. Classic A-line Vidal Sassoon inspired bobs intertwined with a kind of Washington Square park bohemian sensibility shape her approach to her clientele. Her training takes into account each individual client’s hair growth pattern. Her techniques help tailor every one of her styles to perfectly complement bone structure, face shape, and all types of cuts. After arriving at a vision with her client, Kristin likes to “draw” the haircut in her head first: she allows the style to present itself organically as she works. Her cutting is at once intuitive and totally unique. In addition to flawless blowouts, she has an unparalleled talent for updos, event, and wedding hair. Weaving in details such as fishtail braids, loose chignons, and asymmetry, her styling is inventive, modern and totally fresh.

Seagull and Kristin cater to location work and on-site wedding and bridal hair.

Kristin also does amazing men’s haircuts and grooming with a focus on daytime to evening wearability, utilizing clippers, razors, and scissors for lifestyle compatibility. Available night and day, Kristin is specifically available late Friday evenings to accommodate any of needs for fabulous hair, be it parties and events or a simply a special date night. Guys too!

Kristin Sky Olsen – Head Turning Styles and Great Mens haircuts


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On site Wedding and Bridal styling available. Call us to set up a consultation!