Jeffrey Anderson

jeffrey-225x274 Jeffery Anderson - Front Desk

A consummate professional, dreamy conversationalist and all around good time, Jeffrey brings a down to earth and urbane mood to the front line of Seagull. Working in some of the most prestigious salons in NYC, Jeffery has cut his teeth with the best and the busiest. Jeffrey coordinates seamless structure as liaison between our stylists and our guests. After years of experience handling bookings, he understands hair speak with ease. His attentive ear is able to transcribe a clients’ desire into pin point perfect engagement with the exact right stylist. Jeffrey keeps each visit to Seagull running smoothly; A gentile phone voice, a buttery soft greeting, a timely introduction to your stylist are all intrinsic to his way of reception in the manner of a true salon environment. Jeffery was drawn to Seagull for it’s cadre of artists, activists, writers and fashionistas that mingle effortlessly under one roof. With a nurtural feminist bent, Jeffery is an outspoken environmental activist himself working closely with Greenpeace and animal rights groups. Never didactic and always accommodating, Jeffrey is a truly great front desk herald. Everyone at Seagull, staff and clients alike, are always delighted to converse with Jeffery on any number of invigorating topics.

You can also look at our Seagull Hair Tumblr for the most up to date styles and colors here. 

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